Sasai targets 50 African languages

Sasai, Cassava Fintech International (CFI)’s all-in-one mobile application, which has pay, chat and explore features is targeting incorporating 50 African languages by the end of March.

CFI is a subsidiary of Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications giant, Econet Wireless.

Launched in August last year, Sasai app has rich features and services that go beyond those offered by apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Sasai offers payments, chat (instant messaging and social media) as well as an explore feature – all on one app.

Addressing journalists during a media briefing in Bulawayo Thursday, Sasai chief operating officer, Tapera Mushoriwa, said they were looking at reaching 50 African languages by March month end.

The app’s language feature called Sasai Translate currently has, as at today (Thursday), 45 African languages including Ndebele and Shona.

“We would like to be at 50 African languages within the next few weeks, which is the end of March,” Mushoriwa told journalists.

“Of course the question is where you are now? We were at 42 languages yesterday (Wednesday), today (Thursday) we are now actually at 45 languages and we are so sure that the last five languages will be completed in the next two weeks so that by the end of March we have 50 African languages.”

He further explained: “We think this is a good start. Africa has got 54 countries and we are also hoping that we get as many languages as possible.”

Mushoriwa said the importance of language in communication could not be overemphasized.

“We think that language is the backbone, DNA of us here in Africa,” he said.

“What have we done? We have created for Sasai, to now speak your language.

Most of you have multiple apps on your phone. The question is: do they speak your language? If the service you are enjoying on that app is good, can your refer it to your grandmother?”

Mushoriwa said since the launch of the app six months ago, they have been focusing on improving the app’s user experience and performance.

“We have been focusing on optimizing the app and ensuring that it gives users the best and most convenient experience they can have in all the countries and markets they use the app,” said Mushoriwa.

He challenged Zimbabweans to utilise the application for their convenience.

“The idea of Sasai is to make sure that we bring convenience to the user, convenience by ensuring that most of the services that a user needs to use, they find them in one place,” he elaborated.

“It is similar to a shopping mall, let’s say Bulawayo Centre that you know that when you go there you can actually count a number of businesses in terms of what shopping experience you want to have, without driving to different corners of the city. We realise that it is important to go to the customer and not for the customer to come to us.”

With Sasai Explore, the user can select their home country, irrespective of where they are in the world, and enjoy services from their home country.

Sasai’s pay option has mobile payments functionalities which include EcoCash, while the explore option features a vast digital market place which allows users to shop on Amazon or eBay, do remittances, book a ride or a flight, download a movie or watch sport and many other possibilities.

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