Samsung introduces the Galaxy A6+

Samsung Electronics announced the arrival of the Galaxy A6+. This device will be available in stores on the 1st of June 2018. Featuring a sleek premium design and Samsung’s signature Infinity Display, the new Galaxy A6+ is available in three colours; Black, Gold, and Lavender.

The Galaxy A6+ features a front LED flash which is fully adjustable and can provide just enough extra lighting on a cloudy day, or entirely brighten up the darkest of nights out. With the rear camera’s low-aperture lenses, it captures sharp, clear photos in low-light conditions, without sacrificing image quality.

Customers who purchase the new Samsung Galaxy A6+ will also receive a complimentary 64GB memory card, providing space for those delicately composed Instagram shots or gorgeously-lit selfies. With all that space, you won’t need to limit yourself with images. Capture all the moments without having to worry about losing your memories.

The Galaxy A6+’s Dual Camera can even further enhance the pictures and moments that matter with Live Focus mode, meaning that you can control the depth of field and bokeh effect before or even after the shot is taken. Enrich every picture with unique background blur patterns in a range of shapes including hearts, stars and more.

The device is supported by Dolby Atmos optimised audio. The Galaxy A6+ provides a full range of audio from highs to lows, with outstanding clarity and true-to-life detail for a more powerful and immersive audio experience. Turn on the Dolby Atmos effect to transform audio with breathtaking, moving sounds. It features Samsung’s signature Infinity Display that goes beyond the bezel, featuring an impressive 18.5:9 screen ratio.

The Galaxy A6+ integrates several popular features from Samsung’s flagship, including hassle-free security with Face Recognition and Fingerprint scanning to unlock the device. The phone has App Pair which fully utilising the Galaxy A6+’s large ergonomic screens by allowing you to pair two apps, halving time and doubling enjoyment. With the Always on Display, information is available at a glance without unlocking the phone, saving time and battery life.

The Galaxy A6+ also supports Bixby Vision – simply point the camera at a foreign sign for instant translation, at an historical landmark for information about it or for others like it nearby. It also supports Bixby Home, which keeps your personal assistant on hand at a swipe and gives you all the information you want at a glance without having to open a single app. Bixby Reminder is a personal assistant that learns your routine, remembers what’s important to you and works with your apps to get things done. Bixby can assist in completing a range of everyday tasks, making the Galaxy A6+ smarter and more helpful.

Craige Fleischer, Vice President of Integrated Mobility, Samsung South Africa spoke on it. He said “The Galaxy A6+ draws on Samsung’s smartphone heritage to combine everyday convenience with an impressive camera that lets you capture, personalise and share moments, in a way that lets you uniquely express yourself.”

Source – ITNewsAfrica


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