Ringwood Flats fire: Byo man appeals for help

A Bulawayo man, Clifford Nkala, whose family is one of the five that lost property worth ZWL$70 million when the second floor of Ringwood Flats they were occupying was gutted down by fire this week is appealing for assistance to start a new life.

Located at the corner of Second Avenue and George Silundika Street, Ringwood Flats caught fire just after 4 pm on Tuesday and the affected families are currently housed elsewhere by their relatives.

Ringwood Flats

“We lost all domestic items: bedding, clothing, kitchenware and any household goods that you can think of sofas, stoves and so on, TVs, decoders, amplifiers, laptops documents and many other things. Nothing came out,” Nkala told CITE.

He said goods lost by his family alone were valued at US$8, 500.

“We need assistance in recovering our documents and of course clothing, bedding, domestic items and anything that can be used in a household set up to start a new life,” he said.

Nkala said he lived in the flat with his wife and two children aged 15 and 19.

“The day after the incident the Resident Minister (Judith Ncube) came through and promised to assist us get documents and said she would ask corporates to help us with other things,” said Nkala.

“We are communicating with her every day. So, we believe she will assist in getting documents. Had the fire Brigade come on time maybe one or two houses were going to be affected.”

Nkala said those who would like to assist him should see the caretaker at the flats.

“The caretaker knows the affected families – five of them,” said Nkala.

“He is always there. We are no longer found here since we went to be with our relatives. We only meet to go and fix documents or meet the resident minister.”

Nkala added: “It is likely to take some time before this flat could be renovated because walls cracked.”

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