Resolve 2018 polls dispute before 2023 elections: Chamisa

By Albert Nxumalo

The opposition MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa, has said Zimbabwe should not go to the next elections before resolving the ‘disputed outcome’ of the 2018 polls, which he said is the root-cause of the crisis the country is going through.

The 2018 plebiscite whose outcome was contested at the Constitutional Court, was controversially won by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Addressing his supporters in Harare Tuesday while launching the party’s 2020 Agenda Blueprint, Chamisa said Zimbabwe’s problem was a crisis of governance born out of “rigged elections.”

“Those who say the 2018 presidential election should be forgotten about, and focus should now be on 2023, haven’t seen anything yet,” said Chamisa.

“It’s them who should forget about covering up the giant 2018 election fraud.  Especially now that ZEC itself has, perhaps inadvertently or even mischievously, come out with incontrovertible evidence that the election was not conducted in substantial compliance with the law.”  

MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa added: “So, first things must come first. There will be no 2023 election without resolving the 2018 election. Looking ahead to 2023, the most important electoral reform is the resolution of the 2018 presidential election. The result of 2018 must be respected”.

The MDC leader said there would be no credible future election unless the dispute surrounding the 2018 poll is resolved.

As part of electoral reforms, the MDC want the Priscilla Chigumba-led Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) disbanded.

“A critical and unavoidable starting point is the resignation of all ZEC commissioners and management team which is infested with seconded military, intelligence and police operatives, masquerading as politically neutral professionals when their remit is to rig elections for Zanu-PF,” said Chamisa.

He added that it was high time Zimbabweans fought for what they want, adding his party will also play its part.

“We have heard you ask time and time again, what are you doing to provide an alternative, and I say to you again, we are the people’s leadership,” he said.

“We hold within us your deep desire for change. We will act, we will lead and represent, we will speak up in Parliament, we will challenge unlawfulness; we will work in every community. We will not betray the people’s vote nor let their voice be silenced. This is our Agenda in 2020. We will walk the path of resistance. We are emboldened and resolved. Come what may.  We will not be intimidated” he declared.

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