Residents warned not to leave their taps open during water cuts

Bulawayo residents have been urged to close their taps when there are water cuts as leaving them open could affect meter readings.

This comes after residents have complained of huge water bills even for times when they were not receiving water.

According to the latest council report, Ward 27 Councillor Alderman Siboniso Khumalo, raised the issue noting that some houses in his ward were billed for water they did not receive.

“Alderman S. Khumalo applauded the Committee and the department for their effort to revise the September 2021 utility bills. He was concerned about Ward 27 which had areas that did not receive water. Residents in these areas were used to opening their taps so that they were alerted when supplies were reconnected. It had been realised that water meters moved when there was no water supply because of the pressured air in the pipes. Such consumptions should not be charged,” the minutes read.

Ward 4 Councillor Silas Chigora supported the suggestion urging residents to ensure their taps are closed all the time.

Meanwhile, the local authority is still embarking on water conservation campaigns through its Corporate Public Communications department.

“Continuous engagements with all relevant stakeholders through the current platforms like the Water Crisis forums, WASH, NGOs and all other platforms were also work in progress. There is continued enforcement of the water rationing limits as shared by Corporate Communications to drive towards a City consumption below 150 Ml/day, which was trending at around 154.7Ml/day.”

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