Residents urged to use water sparingly

Bulawayo mayor Solomon Mguni has warned that water consumption has increased drastically and urged residents to use the resource sparingly.

Speaking during a full council meeting held on Wednesday, Mguni said the city was now consuming 190 megalitres of water a day instead of the planned 140 megalitres a day.

“Can we as councillors encourage our residents to use water sparingly. Some of the water challenges we face are due to wastage. Some of the statistics we see are quite alarming. On September 19, 2021, we used a total of 190mgl of water at a time when we are supposed to be using 140mgl a day. Such consumption affects the stability of our reservoirs,” said Mayor Mguni.

Bulawayo mayor Councillor Solomon Mguni

Ward 8 Cllr Shadreck Sibanda expressed concern over the disruption of water services during the ZITF week where some suburbs in the city went for up to five days without water.

“Your Worship we all realise that the Trade Fair period is very important to us as a city as it provides a platform for us to showcase our best services. Why was ZESA allowed to carry out its maintenance works during this crucial time. Could they not have waited until after the Trade Fair to do so?” queried Cllr Sibanda.

Chairperson of the Future Water Supplies and Water Action Committee, Ward 17 councillor Sikhululekile Moyo, acknowledged the concerns raised by Cllr Sibanda and noted that in the future the council would engage ZESA when there are such high profile activities to avoid similar challenges.

“Sometimes it is not up to us as council to decide what ZESA does. We only realise after the residents would already have been affected. ZESA and Council are two different entities so we can not have a say in their day to day operations. However, in the future, we will make sure to engage ZESA beforehand to make sure that those who would have visited our city get the best services,” Cllr Moyo explained.

Ward 17 Councillor Sikhululekile Moyo

“The other issue of note is the issue of water bursts. Our infrastructure is now old and it is difficult to maintain it. We implore the residents to bear with us as we address this issue. As the council we are mandated to provide water to the people, it is their right. As council alone we can’t address this issue, we need intervention from the central government.”

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