Byo man secures donor for colostomy bags

A Bulawayo man, Emmanuel Moyo, 20, who recently appealed to well-wishers to assist him purchase colostomy bags has since secured the donor, CITE has established.

A colostomy bag is a plastic bag that collects faecal matter from the digestive tract through an opening in the abdominal wall called stoma.

Moyo from Luveve suburb underwent an operation after suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

His mother had lamented the fact that the colostomy bags were expensive and beyond the reach of the family.

A Romney Park family that responded after seeing Moyo’s appeal on CITE website, has since linked him to an organisation – Zimbabwe Ostomates Support Trust (ZOST) – that has committed to assisting him until his condition improves.

“My wife Lomalanga Tshuma, and I have managed to find a free donor for Emmanuel Moyo,” Hillary Tshuma of Romney Park, told CITE.

“Moyo will receive colostomy bags and all other necessary accessories monthly for free until his condition is normalised. We responded to Moyo’s call after seeing an article from CITE and as a family that at one time had a similar problem we felt we could help.”

He explained further: “We then managed to get an organisation called Zimbabwe Ostomates Support Trust (ZOST) which is based in Harare. The founder and managing director of ZOST has promised us that Emmanuel will be receiving stoma bags for free from his organisation as long as it is operational.”

He revealed that Moyo had since received enough colostomy bags to last a month.

“As the Tshuma family we have so far given Emmanuel 100 bags for free when he was buying them at a cost of US$3 a bag.  ZOST gave him enough bags for a month last week Friday,” said Tshuma.

He added that they got to know of ZOST after they had a similar problem too.

“We came to know of this organisation after we had a similar problem in our family five years ago,” Tshuma said.

“ZOST and Edgars Stores helped us until the family member got completely healed. I would want to assure Moyo that he will be okay.”

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