Recalled Byo councillors confident of victory in by-elections

All eight recalled councillors in Bulawayo successfully filed their nomination papers and immediately declared their readiness to reclaim their seats in the upcoming December 9, 2023 by-election.

The councillors, representing Wards 1, 6, 9, 18, 20, 21, 22, and 24, are confident of victory, citing the overwhelming support they received from residents in the August 2023 elections.

Speaking to CITE at the nomination court, Clr Donaldson Mabutho expressed his party’s unwavering belief in their chances of success.

“The residents voted for us in August, and they will vote for us again in December,” Mabutho asserted. “We had a clean sweep in Bulawayo, and our residents knew what they wanted. They are not the ones who recalled us, and they are dismayed by Tshabangu’s actions. This is not what they wanted, and this is not what they voted for. They spoke on August 23, and they will speak again on December 9.”

Mabutho emphasized the party’s unity and determination, stating that they would not be deterred by Tshabangu’s actions.

“We filed our papers under the CCC banner because that is the party we belong to,” Mabutho declared. “We stand as we stood previously, under the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa. We will not be swayed by imposters who are not part of us yet claim to be us.”

He dismissed claims of division within the party, stating that they have clear rules and guidelines that they follow.

“Whether these imposters decide to file papers or not, we don’t care,” Mabutho said. “They can bring in their people in threes or fours; they will not win this election.”

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