Raw sewage crisis hits Byo suburb

Residents in Gwabalanda, Bulawayo, are in a crisis due to sewer pipe bursts that have not been attended to for two weeks.

The dire situation has left at least ten houses in a state of uncertainty, as health risks loom large in the affected area. In light of this urgent matter, concerned residents are calling upon the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to take immediate action and address the sewer crisis without delay.

Residents have been forced to dig trenches to divert the sewer from flowing into their yards.

In some houses, the situation is bad as toilets and drainages have been blocked.

In an interview with CITE, Thando Ndlovu said they reported the matter but the local authority has not yet attended to the matter.

“We have a challenge of sewer blockage. It’s almost 15 days now, we reported at the Mabuthweni site where they said we should report, the challenge is that we report but they don’t attend. When we go in person we are told that there is no vehicle, there is no fuel, it’s been story after story,” said Ndlovu.

 She said they are now failing to use their toilets.

“We are hoping that the city council will help us because we are not able to use the bathroom, we cannot flash our toilets, you can imagine, the worst part is that there is water-shedding after shedding it’s even worse,” said Ndlovu.

Another resident Tapedown Mudzimba said her children have developed stomach problems.

“Our children are now suffering from running stomachs, they even miss school due to this sewer problem, at times we even receive dirty water from our taps, we now fear that this sewer is mixed with tap water,” said Mudzimba.

For some, the sewer crisis has been going on for a month.  

“Most of the time our house is the most affected. Even if we report, they come and fix but after two days the same problem recurs,” said the resident.

 She said residents are now thinking of taking legal action against the local authority. pic

Contacted for a comment, Ward 16 Councilor Mildred Ncube said she is not aware of the problem.

“I am not aware of the matter, if I get a report I forward it to the council and they immediately attend,” said Clr Ncube.

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