Pumula residents want Mahlangu back in Parliament

As the country gears-up for the by-elections pencilled for March, Pumula residents in Bulawayo have said they want the area’s former legislator, Sichelesile Mahlangu, whom they say represented them well, back in Parliament.

Zimbabwe will hold by-elections on March 26 to fill-in 28 parliamentary and 122 council seats that fell vacant over the past two years.

The government delayed calling for the mini polls under the guise of curbing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The nomination courts are set to sit next week to receive and confirm names of candidates that will be battling it out.

Mahlangu was recalled from the august house in March 2021 by her former party   the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which accused him of joining the MDC Alliance.

While Mahlangu together with Kucaca Phulu and Tendai Biti, with whom she was recalled, challenged that in courts, a judgement is yet to be handed down.

CITE visited Pumula Wednesday and spoke to residents who said they want Mahlangu to represent them in Parliament.  

“She (Mahlangu) was effective on the ground especially when it came to attending youth-related events, every time we invited her to attend an event she would be there with us giving us motivational speeches,” said a youth, Sithembiso Maseko.

Maseko said on her part, it was “heart-breaking” for Mahlangu to be recalled.

“She was very active, I would recommend her to be an MP once again. It was heart-breaking when she was recalled because she is a very friendly person, a loving mother and she is very caring, she cares a lot for her community and she does all that she can in order for us to be recognized by other different organisations,” she said.

Another resident Sakhile Tshuma said Mahlangu was approachable as a legislator.

“She is a cool mother who looks after her constituency. Whenever we had a problem as residents she was approachable, there were some residents whose houses got burnt, while other houses got destroyed by natural disasters, she attended all those situations,” said Tshuma.

Tshuma said Mahlangu was a loving person who wanted development in her community.

“There are two houses which were constructed at Robert Sinyoka; she stood with that family and ended up attracting other organisations to also assist until a house was constructed,” she said.

“We want her back in her position.”

Another resident who identified herself as MaMoyo also said she would like to see Mahlangu return to Parliament.

However, Farai Nyoni said their problems were not addressed by Mahlangu hence they want a change of representation.

“Our problem when it comes to MPs is that when they want to be voted in power, they are good but once they get to positions they no longer fulfil those promises,” he said.

Nyoni added: “Our MP didn’t do anything for us, there is no structure constructed by the MP or at least a borehole, all she does is move around with her vehicle.”

“We must find somebody, we can’t stick to someone we saw that has no change; repeating the same thing over and over expecting the positive results, we must change. We must have a substitute for someone who is failing,” he said.

During a recent online meeting, Mahlangu however said she was ready to reclaim her seat at the upcoming by-elections.

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