Police nab BCC car thief

Police in Bulawayo have arrested a man who stole a Bulawayo City Council (BCC) vehicle and tried to disguise it with a quick spray paint job.

The car had a tracker.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the arrest of  Ignatius Sound Mudzudzu (55) in Esigodini.

“Police detectives in Bulawayo have arrested Ignatius Sounds Mudzudzu aged 55 years from Mzabazi village, Chief Mashayamombe in Chegutu following the theft of motor vehicles where he was targeting Datsun and Mazda B series,” said Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube.

“On the 7th of February, one victim who works for the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) parked his Nissan vehicle at Tower Block at 12:45 hours in the afternoon, only to find it stolen from the car park when he knocked off.

“On the 28th of February again another victim was on duty where a Mazda B18 was parked and in one of the properties to be guarded outside Fazak shop along  JM Nkomo and Leopold Takawira, the vehicle was also mysteriously stolen before 2000hrs the same day.

Inspector Ncube said the last case occurred on the 4th of March where a third victim who is also an employee at BCC parked his B1600 Mazda outside the Tower Block and it was only discovered stolen by 1300hrs the same day and a police report was made.

“Ignatius Mudzudzu was arrested at Crocodile area along Falcon Road, Esigodini driving the stolen Mazda B1600 which he had stolen and had a tracker, interviews with him indicated that he was responsible for the two other outstanding motor vehicles that were stolen and he has a market in Mozambique as he claims,” he said.

He is currently assisting the police with investigations.

 Inspector Ncube urged motorists to guard their vehicles.

“It would appear Nissan Datsun and Mazda B series are of late being targeted and we are appealing to the motorist to safeguard, apply at least hardening techniques to prevent such vehicles from being stolen, we can even apply the steering locks so that even if the person can try to jumpstart it, the vehicle won’t turn as the steering will be locked, that will help prevent this type of theft of motor vehicles,” he said.

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