WhatsApp is making it a lot easier to write messages in bold and italics

If you like to make your WhatsApp messages stand out in bold and italics it will soon be a lot easier to do so.

Currently, sending messages in bold, italic and strike through requires some old school trickery such as *word* for bold or _word_ for italic.

It will make it simpler to format text as shown on this screenshot of a WhatsApp beta version

But the Facebook-owned app is beta testing an alteration to this format that sees a drop-down menu that allows you select which font you would like to use for highlighted text.Pictures of the update show a formatting bar appear above highlighted text and it will most likely be popular with people who like to make their messages stand out.It is being trialled in the 2.17.148 update test and is only available on Android but is expect to come to iPhones in the future as well.There is not set update date at the moment.

Other updates that have recently hit the app used by 1.2 billion people worldwide include the ability to share PDF, Word documents and spreadsheets.

How to format your words

Bold: *bold*

Italics: _italics_

Strikethrough: ~strikethrough~

Source : metro uk

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