“Prophet Siziba’s goblin cleansing hogwash”

By Tanaka Mrewa

One of the Cowdray Park residents from whose house an alleged tikoloshi was removed from last week on Wednesday has described the prophets who cleansed as bogus, citing that they have created disharmony between her and her neighbours.

In an interview, Mrs Future Khumalo emotionally narrated to CITE that she suspected foul play in the authenticity of the whole ceremony taking into consideration that Prophet Siziba spent two nights at her house prior to the cleansing ceremony yet failed to see spiritually that this tikoloshi was in her house.

Mrs Khumalo said she was not amused by the way the prophets handled the “job”. She said she fears for her life and that of her children as one of her neighbours has threatened to axe her.

“What makes me wary of this situation is that this prophet slept in my house for two consecutive days, praying for all the affected residents from here. He said Magwegwe was too far for him to be coming to Cowdray Park since he was meant to meet up with his fellow colleagues at 9 o’clock in the morning. I called my husband, who works in South Africa, seeking permission to let the prophet sleep in our house. He didn’t object because he thought the people were genuine. Siziba slept in the lounge, if he failed to see this then it could be that he planted them himself,” she said.

She added “Right now my neighbour has been threatening to axe me. He insults me in front of my children. Yesterday they were doing laundry outside, he kept insulting them. My life has become so miserable because of this situation. It could be better if whoever is responsible for these things is exposed.”

Fuming, Ms Khumalo said she couldn’t understand how someone could come and “keep” such things in her house without her knowledge.

“When someone wants you to keep their things in your house they let you know. What they told us doesn’t make sense. The laundry basket from which they removed those “dolls” is the one that we constantly use. If there was anything like that all this while I would have known or seen it.

“If he were really genuine he wouldn’t have vanished in the middle of the ceremony only to show up at sunset. What he did purely shows that something was amiss. I don’t even know how my husband will react when he gets home. This is serious. Our councillor held a meeting to tell people not to point fingers lest it attracts others taking legal action against the other but it’s not helping,” she said.

Mr Nyoni, resident chairperson and Mrs Gondwe, an affected resident, both commended the work done by the prophets saying they no longer suffer any attacks from the tikoloshi.

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