Political candidates warned against littering

With the electoral campaign season about to get into full swing, Bulawayo councillors have warned aspiring candidates against littering the city with their paraphernalia.

Zimbabwe will hold its general elections in three months and political parties will soon go on the campaign trail to canvas for votes.

According to the latest full council minutes, the councillors noted that the primary role for aspiring candidates would be to enforce cleanliness in their surrounding areas. 

The city has been struggling with litter collection owing to broken-down service vehicles and last month they made a call to private vehicle owners to partner with them and assist in that particular department. 

“Councillor Febby Msipha was concerned about the distribution of flyers in the City. This situation was likely to worsen because of the upcoming national elections. Councillor Lillian Mlilo concurred. The issue of election campaigning should be monitored accordingly. Election Campaign Posters should not be allowed on Council infrastructure and road furniture,” the minutes read.  

“Election candidates should be tasked to also promote cleanliness. One of their roles was to make sure that there was no littering generated from election campaign materials. No dumping signage should be erected on all illegal dumping areas.” 

Cllr Sikhululekile Moyo felt that illegal dumping fees should be reviewed upwards.

“In her Ward 17 the situation was improving. Ward 17 had partnered with an NGO to deal with illegal dumpsites. During the clearing of dumps vehicle repairs were taking too long. A number of vehicles had been grounded in the workshop awaiting spares that could be easily purchased. All vehicles with minor faults should be repaired and realised to improve service delivery,” the minutes read. 

According to the minutes, Cllr Concilia Mlalazi urged fellow councillors to encourage residents to maintain cleanliness during feedback meetings.  

“Display of posters and distribution of flyers by-laws should be adhered to. There was a lot of littering done by Herentals College who used to distribute flyers throughout the City. Relevant by-laws should be enforced. Residents should monitor each other to stop illegal dumping and littering,” the minutes read.

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