Police rule out foul play in Plumtree man death

Police have ruled out any foul play in the death of a Plumtree man, whose body was found floating at Godo dam in Tokwana village.

The deceased, Gift Dumani’s lifeless body was retrieved from the dam, days after he went missing.

This is despite claims by sources close to the incident who suspected Dumani was allegedly murdered by two police officers.

On September 9, Dumani was drinking beer at Makhekhe Bottle Store when he got into an altercation with one Ellen Mudakuvaka, who is employed as s nurse.

Mudakuvaka had accused Dumani of groping at her buttocks.

A source who spoke to CITE said soon after the altercation, the irate Mudakuvaka reported the matter to the police and two police officers were dispatched to attend to the matter.

“The cops handcuffed Dumani and put him in Mudakuvaka`s car’s boot, they drove off and went to Makhekhe bottle store where they drank for several hours while Dumani was in the boot of their car”.

The source added the trio was later that evening spotted at Godo dam, claiming that they were trying to locate Dumani who had escaped.

“The trio was spotted at Godo dam that same evening claiming to be looking for Dumani who had escaped.

“Six days later Dumani’s body was found floating in the dam with stones in his jacket pockets. According to the post-mortem results, Dumani’s cause of death was Asphyxia,” said the source.

However, the police dispelled any rumours of foul play saying Dumani died of natural causes

“I can confirm a case of sudden death that occurred in Plumtree at Godo dam,” said Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele.

Inspector Ndebele added: “A man was found dead, floating in a dam. Post mortem results attained stated the cause of death as Asphyxia which is suffocation that resulted from his drowning. There is nothing linking the case to murder”.

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