Police ready to preserve peace ahead of elections: Home Affairs Ministry

Government has indicated that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is prepared to deal with those who provoke unrest in the run-up to the 2023 national elections, as police officers will be on the ground to maintain order.

This was revealed in the Senate last week by Ruth Mavhungu Maboyi, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, in response to inquiries regarding the police’s readiness for the harmonised elections.

“Well, we are very much prepared. Why am I saying so? Because our police are a disciplined police force. At the same time, we are trying to make sure that they go for some exercises to prepare for riots and those who make noise and so forth, we are doing that,” said the deputy minister.

Her remarks follow Mashonaland Central Senator Eleven Kambizi’s observation that prior elections in Zimbabwe were violent, necessitating the necessity for police to protect and enforce order.

“May the Deputy Minister explain the state of preparedness of our police force to ensure elections are run peacefully, policing is thorough and that the elections are peaceful following His Excellency’s mantra, no to violence in August.”

The Home Affairs Deputy Minister also said Members of Parliament also have a role to play in preserving peace in Zimbabwe as they must talk to the electorate about the importance of peaceful elections.

“Now, in peaceful elections, it is all about us together because police can come in but we must talk to our supporters as political parties, including us as Members of Parliament … but everything is ready,” Mavhungu-Maboyi said.

Mavhungu-Maboyi added the Home Affairs Ministry is on ground observing the situation ahead of elections and was also issuing national documentation.

“We are ready for that as you can see that we are also ready to issue IDs and so forth. We are on the ground observing what is happening,” said Mavhungu-Maboyi.

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