Police launch manhunt for two alleged rapists

Police have launched a manhunt for two suspects who allegedly raped a 17-year-old-girl in Madlambuzi, Plumtree while she was fetching firewood.

The incident took place on July 17 and the suspects are on the run.

Speaking to CITE, National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police are investigating the case.

“This girl was fetching firewood, she was then approached by two male adults who then took turns to rape her after forcibly closing her mouth,” said Nyathi.

He said after the incident the girl went home to told her parents and a report to was made to the police.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi warned people especially women to avoid going to secluded bushy areas alone.

“We are appealing for members of the public particularly women not to go into the bush alone or for parents or guardians to send children especially the girl child alone into the bush to fetch firewood, fetch water,” he said.

“We put the issue on twitter to campaign against men who are way-laying women when they are going for various errands like looking for firewood and water.”

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