Police launch fresh onslaught on lockdown violators

Police in Bulawayo have launched a fresh onslaught on residents who violate lockdown regulations with a number of people without exemption letters reportedly arrested and vehicles impounded.

Zimbabwe is currently under an indefinite Level 2 of the National Lockdown.

In an interview with CITE, Bulawayo Police Spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube warned residents that they were still bound by the lockdown regulations and must act accordingly.

“This is not an operation but we are continuing efforts to abide to the lockdown regulations. We had given people the leeway to see how they reason but clearly they did not follow the regulations. We are still under Level 2 of the lockdown and any movement without purpose is not allowed,” he said.

His sentiments come after people had relaxed and were entering the city centre in droves, as most shops had opened for business while others had even gone back to informal vending.

Inspector Ncube said people were supposed to have letters that authorised their movement.

“The letters are supposed to show why someone is moving from point A to B but pedestrians were disregarding the regulations and social distancing. When people were moving about, it didn’t mean we had reneged on our duty, no, but we were giving them time to reason. Now we are ready to show them that their movement is illegal,” he said.

The provincial spokesperson noted the police action was in line with the regulations to enforce order.

“People must not anticipate that this is ending soon, we are still under Level 2 of the lockdown that was declared indefinite by the government,” he said.

Inspector Ncube said the police had carried out road shows to educate residents on the importance of abiding to the lockdown regulations.

“What more can we do. This past Thursday we held a combined road show with Emthonjeni Women’s Forum to educate people and we continue saying the same thing, which is people must stay at home. People should not say they don’t know or cry that they are ambushed when they are arrested. Those without authorisation must not come to town.

“As for the businesses and shops that are open we have been going around checking whether they have letters and are legalised. So those who are open are legalised under Level 2 of the lockdown, except for the informal sector and vendors,” said the police spokesperson.

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