Police bust theft syndicate,recover loot worth ZWL$900 000

Police detectives in Bulawayo have busted a theft syndicate recovering property worth ZWL$900 000 and arrested two suspects believed to have committed the crimes between February and April.

The suspects reportedly broke into seven houses in Morningside and Montrose and stole several goods including a flat screen television set, car batteries, bicycles, a grinder, laptop, computers, designer belt, and cellphones.

Amongst the loot was a wrist watch valued at US$20 000.

Addressing press at Hillside Police Station Thursday, Bulawayo Police Spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, confirmed the recoveries were part of on ongoing investigations against robbers.

“Before us here are stolen properties that were recovered as a result of detectives investigating a series of unlawful entry. These cases happened between February 2020  and end of April 2020.

“The two kleptomaniacs, Cuthbert Munyandi (18)  and Gamuchirai Nyasha (20) hatched a plan to break into seven houses in Hillside area that is Morningside and Montrose. The two targeted properties, electrical gadgets, cash, cellphones as well as laptops,” he said.

The suspects are yet to appear in court.

Inspector Ncube said the pair were arrested from their residences and had been working alone.

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube

But he said police were still targeting other groups of robbers still on the loose.

“Some properties had been sold and recovered through investigations from those who had bought the goods. Munyandi resides in Nketa and Nyasha in Sizinda so they were selling their loot in western areas, around Tshabalala and Sizinda, It is through their indications, this property was recovered,” Inspector Ncube said.

“Through investigations, follow ups were made until the two were arrested. Police detectives have techniques on how to investigate some cases. You will realise the accused were targeting most houses in Morningside, so police officers are trained to study the trends and make follow ups, which we cannot disclose. Indeed, we have capable officers who account for the criminals.”

Inspector Ncube said the accused persons struck during the day, “between 10am and 5pm” by targeting or monitoring occupants as they left their houses.

“The stolen property is worth above ZWL$1.5 million dollars and property worth above ZWL$900 000 was recovered. Amongst the recovered property is a wrist watch worth US$20 000, it is a very expensive watch and fortunately it was found during time the accused persons were arrested,” he said.

Inspector Ncube also warned residents to desist from a life of crime.

“We also warn would be criminals that these two kleptomaniacs are likely to spend a good time in prison so be warned let us not commit crime.”

Inspector Ncube also warned residents against buying goods from the streets.

“Don’t buy without a receipt authenticating if the person selling is the owner because you risk arrest for possession of stolen property, or you will be turned into an accomplice.”

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