Plumtree villagers rebuild whirlwind destroyed school

Villagers in Plumtree have embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise funds to renovate classrooms at Ndolwane Primary school in Plumtree which were destroyed by a whirlwind last year.

The villagers are selling thatching grass to raise funds to buy building material.

Speaking to CITE, some of the villagers said the state of the buildings were not conducive for learning purposes.

“The classrooms were destroyed by a whirlwind and most of the furniture inside the classrooms was also destroyed,” said one villager.

The school Headmaster, Mr B. Dube said due to limited resources they are still struggling to complete the renovations.  

“Our school was destroyed by a whirlwind in 2020, we tried to fix here and there but we are still limited in terms of resources to speed up the process and we also have a shortage of textbooks and furniture,” said Dube.

“Parents are also helping in terms of fundraising as they are also harvesting thatching grass within the school premises for resale in order to raise the funds.”

He also appealed to wellwishers to assist with building material.

“We are appealing for cement as the classroom walls were also destroyed during the incident, we also don’t have furniture,” said Dube.

He also said the school has a borehole that needs an electric pump in order for them to do their gardening projects so as to raise money for the school renovations.

“We have a borehole within the school premises, so if we could get assistance with solar and a Jojo tank so that we can do our vegetable project for resale to raise money,” said Dube.

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