Plumtree villagers appeal for assistance to save Malopane Dam

Malopane Dam, in Matjinge, Plumtree is a silent testament to a community’s struggle and a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

Built in 1958, the dam served as a lifeblood for the Bilingoma villagers, providing water for crops, livestock, and sustenance.

But time, neglect, and a devastating breach in 2015 left it a hollow shell.

Now, the villagers are rising in a collective plea for help as they dream of repairing the dam and reclaiming their lost source of life.

Their journey, however, is fraught with challenges.

“One of the biggest challenges has been convincing villagers that we can rebuild,” said Mandla Ngwenya, Vice Chairman of the Malopane Dam project.

Years of failed attempts and dwindling resources have sown seeds of doubt, yet the community’s spirit remains unbroken.

Their fight is not just for water but for survival. Livestock perish in the mud surrounding the dam, malnutrition looms due to lack of fresh produce, and soil erosion threatens their very land.

The villagers need US$17,000 to fill the breach, levelling, tidying the wall and raising it by 50cm. 

“We’re appealing for funds from donors, companies, individuals or anyone who can make our dream come true and serve our community from the misery,” said Ngwenya.

If the community manages to raise the needed funds, the surveyor who went on the ground said it will take 3-5 weeks to repair the dam. 

If you are willing to help with the Malopane dam project, please contact Mandla Ngwenya, Vice Chairman of the project, on +27 73 061 6207 or via email at

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