Plan International to set up safe spaces for children in Byo

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has granted Plan International permission to set up four child friendly safe spaces around the city.

The centres will be set up at recreational centres in Magwegwe, Isilwane, Mzilikazi and Luveve suburbs and will run until May 2022.

The child friendly safe spaces will support resilience and provide psychosocial support to children and youths.  

Plan International has been partnering with the council over the years and currently is supporting sixteen underprivileged vocational training students with school fees.   

According to the latest council minutes, the local authority resolved that the council will be indemnified against any mishap that may arise during the implementation of the programme and that the child friendly safe spaces be operated in conformity to council regulations governing activities that take place at recreation centres.

“The Director of Housing and Community Services reported on October 29, 2021, that they had received a proposal from Plan International to set up child-friendly safe spaces. The proposal will be acceded to and the organization must work with council’s recreation leaders who are manning recreation centres and social workers who are responsible for providing psychosocial support. The setting up of the child friendly safe spaces tents will be guided by the council,” read the minutes.

In its proposal, the organisation stated that the primary purpose of  CFS  is to support the resilience and psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people through community-organized structured activities conducted in a  safe, child-friendly,  and stimulating environment.

“Key activities to be offered at the  CFS  include psychosocial support,  play and recreational therapy for children from the local community.  The Child-Friendly spaces will provide an entry point for children to access multiple services to realise their rights through the Department of Social  Development and other service providers,” the minutes read.

“The project will support with setting up of  4  static-safe spaces and  1  mobile safe space at suitable sites identified and agreed with the  Bulawayo  City  Council.  We therefore kindly seek your permission to set up and establish the  CFS.  If granted permission,  the project will set up  4 static tents which will be manned by trained  Case  Workers and provide these services and  1 mobile safe space. The programme will end  on  30 May  2022.”

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