Councillors want intercity buses flouting city bylaws banned

Bulawayo Ward 8 Councillor Shadreck Sibanda has implored the local authority to ban intercity buses from loading passengers at undesignated areas during the night.

Addressing the Full Council, Wednesday, Cllr Sibanda complained that buses that ferry people at night at corner Fort Street and Leopold Takawira cause congestion and they attract illegal vendors who leave the area filthy.

He noted that some buses which are supposed to ferry people from the Makokoba Bus Terminus (Renkini) load their buses in front of people’s yards which is a violation of privacy.

“Your Worship the city council needs to come up with stern measures to put an end to this kind of conduct especially in the CBD. There is a lot of congestion which is caused and these people leave the area messy which in turn reflects badly on the city,” said Cllr Sibanda.

“Also in my ward Your Worship, some of these bus drivers park their buses directly in front of people’s yards which is a violation of their privacy. We need to have policies that prohibit such as well as have personnel that will enforce these policies, anyone found on the wrong side of the law should be fined. That could boost the city’s coffers.”

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Mlandu Ncube, whose jurisdiction covers the CBD concurred with Cllr Sibanda that there be policies that will enable lawbreakers to be prosecuted.

Cllr Ncube noted that one major challenge which is driving this chaos is the economic condition because most people are not employed.

“This is a challenge that is affecting us immensely. We need to understand that these people are unemployed and are trying to irk a living. Some come in these overnight buses from outside the city to sell their wares here. Early morning they pack up their wares and go back to their homes with the early morning buses. They are coming to our city for business without remitting anything,” Cllr Ncube said.

“We need to come up with ways to address this situation. Those who are locally based and want to sell their wares legally can register with the council to get stands. If we get clearly laid down policies we would be able to bring those breaking the law to book.”

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