Pirate kombi driver knocks down pedestrian

A 47-year-old kombi driver from Bulawayo is being charged with negligent driving after knocking down a pedestrian while driving on the wrong lane on Thursday morning.

The accused person is Pasi Vushangwe.

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and said the pedestrian was taken to Mpilo Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment.

“We arrested Pasi Vushangwe aged 47 years. He was driving a pirate Kombi written Tshova Mubaiwa; it’s non-ZUPCO,” said Inspector Ncube.

“He was approaching Matshobana driving a kombi written Tshova Mubaiwa with some passengers but he was driving opposing the traffic, he then tried to make a U-turn, trying to return to the right lane, that’s when he hit the person who got injured. He was taken to Mpilo Hospital where he is receiving treatment.”

Inspector Ncube said the driver went on to hand himself over to the police at Traffic West.

“He is being charged with reckless driving and this only stands to show how negligent these kombi drivers are,” he said.

The police spokesperson warned drivers against flouting traffic rules and regulations.

“We don’t expect a 47-year-old licensed driver to drive against one way endangering the lives of the people, it’s totally uncalled for,” he said.

“It’s also worrying that despite knowing that these drivers are dangerous we still find some members of the public using the same motor vehicles even though they know that they are putting their lives at risk,” said Inspector Ncube.

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