Patriotic Bill: Zanu PF accused of unpatriotic misgovernance

Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) national chairman, John Zolani Dlamini has criticised the Zanu PF-led government for pushing the ‘Patriotic Bill’ to shield itself from criticism when it is failing to govern the country.

The Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Amendment Bull dubbed the ‘Patriotic Bill’ seeks to prosecute anyone who undermines or uses false statements to paint a negative picture of Zimbabwe to foreign governments.

The bill now awaits President Mnangagwa’s signature before it becomes law.

Addressing a recent party rally in Bulawayo, Dlamini said it is ironic that Zanu PF was pushing the bill yet it was the one which is unpatriotic as it does not put the welfare of the citizens first.  

“They put a law which says don’t blame Mnangagwa, don’t say there are no jobs in Zimbabwe, don’t say you are hungry, what is there is that the people who put this law are not patriotic,” said Dlamini.

“ZANU is a party which is not patriotic, the leadership of ZANU, Mnangagwa himself is not patriotic. If he was patriotic, we wouldn’t be dying of hunger, hospitals would be full of medication, they wouldn’t be stealing gold and diamond, they wouldn’t be killing people.”

Political analysts have condemned the bill which they said is meant to consolidate Zanu PF’s hold onto power.

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