Nyamandlovu hospital operating without mortuary

Minister of State for Matabeleland North Province, Richard Moyo, has appealed to donors to assist in the construction of a mortuary at Nyamandlovu District Hospital.

The district hospital mortuary has been dysfunctional since 2015 with villagers having to take the remains of their relatives to Bulawayo mortuaries or forced to bury the corpse before it decomposes.

Most people who reside in the area were resettled during the 2002 Land Resettlement Programme.

In an interview with CITE, Minister Moyo said they desperately need assistance with a mortuary.

“Another project people really need in the area is a mortuary in our district hospital because it does not have one,” said Hon Moyo.

“If we find willing people to help us with constructing a mortuary in Nyamandlovu district hospital that will be greatly appreciated,”.

He added that the other challenge in the district is that most schools lack good infrastructure.

“Most schools in the district have less than five blocks but have more students which leads to overcrowding in classrooms,” said the Minister.

“The government constructed one or two blocks when people were resettled to the area but we want to increase the number of classrooms.”

Minister Moyo said villagers face water challenges as boreholes are not adequate in the area.

“We also want to make sure people have adequate water because these farms were white-owned before and the owner would have one borehole which was enough for his household and livestock but now that they accommodate many villages the borehole is not enough,” said Minister Moyo.

Moyo reiterated that the borehole drilling project will commence soon because villagers are suffering from travelling long distances to fetch water.

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