Nurse appeals for US$30 000 to undergo cancer treatment

A registered nurse at United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), Sithembiso Baleni is appealing for US$30 000 in donations to undergo an Autologous Cell transplant in India in September.

She was diagnosed with ‘Multiple Myeloma’ cancer of the blood in October 2018 and is currently undergoing chemotherapy to control the cancerous cells.

In an interview with CITE, Baleni said she is set to go to India for a bone marrow transplant.

“I am supposed to go to India for a bone marrow transplant, reason being that here in Zimbabwe we do not have such facilities, the haematologists do not conduct such transplants.

“So they are the ones who referred me to contact a Hospital in India so that I can do the bone marrow transplant that side since my bone marrow was affected that is why I am weak. Also, chemotherapy destroys both the healthy cells and the cancerous cells, so I need to have a new bone marrow, if I do the transplant my spine will also be fine,” she said.

Baleni said she was expected to undergo the transplant in July but could not do it due to limited funds.

“At first, I was supposed to do it in July, but because of funds I couldn’t do it then, so the doctors in India said I could look for funds up to September 2019, but was urged to do it as soon as I can before it gets complicated.

“At the moment my friends have created a group to try and fundraise resources for the bone marrow transplant. I am still conducting my nursing duties but doing light office duties,” she revealed.

Meanwhile, her friend, Content Nyakutombwa said they have lined up a number of fundraising activities to raise the needed funds.

“So far we are going to have a car wash fundraising for her to undergo her treatment in India. We will be charging US$1 per car and also there will be a shoe polishing for those who don’t have cars,” said Nyakutombwa.

“We are still far from raising US$30 000 and we are still appealing to well-wishers to donate even if they cannot attend our events, we have since raised US$4 000.

“She is supposed to go for her treatment in September otherwise if we delay she might develop complications and it might be costly.”

Those willing to help cann send donations on the Eco-cash number 0786 078 939 or deposit the money on her CABS bank account number 9050267600.

For International donors they can use the link

For more details people can also contact Rosemary Mareverwa on 0776 172698 or Edith Rakata on 0773 315 248 and Content Nyakutombwa on 0772 687 900.

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