Do not vote for corrupt leaders: ZAPU leader urges supporters

ZAPU leader Sibangilizwe Nkomo says the country has an opportunity to end the Zanu PF rule in the upcoming elections by voting for new leaders.

Nkomo is not in the running for the presidency after the opposition party decided against fielding a presidential candidate due to the astronomical nomination fee of US$20 000.

Addressing a party rally at Stanley Square on Saturday, on the anniversary of his father, the later former Vice President Joshua Nkomo’s death, the Zapu urged his party members to support the party candidates.

“What is important is for ZAPU to take over power, this will start with the MPs and Councillors, what is important is the people, a president is just a bonus when you have a strong foundation,” said Nkomo.

“This year is for ZAPU, power is ours this year. When you leave here go and vote for the Councillors, MPs, all of them who were nominated, don’t say since you don’t have a president to vote for you don’t go vote. In your ward, there will be a councillor and in your constituency, there will be an MP, go and vote for them, thus how we will take over leadership.”

He urged his party members not to for vote corrupt leaders in an apparent dig at Zanu PF.

“You will still choose where you take your Presidential vote, if you want to keep it, it’s up to you but don’t vote for thieves who promise things they never fulfil. Don’t vote for murderers, are you not tired of 43 years of bad leadership? Start from the bottom this year and remove this leadership,” said Nkomo.

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