Nkulumane residents to cleanse accident black spot

Nkulumane residents are planning to hold a cleansing ceremony at the intersection of Khami road and Siyephambili drive near Nkulumane complex which has become a black spot.

Six people died recently at the same spot when a commuter omnibus rammed into a haulage truck.

The residents who attended a Ward 20 feedback meeting with their councillor Alderman Ernest Rafamoyo on Sunday, said there was a need for urgent action to curb the continued loss of life at the spot.

“Losing souls is not a good thing, that place has now become a dark spot, we know some of the accidents may be caused by human error, but we are calling for a prayer meeting,” said one resident.

Another resident blamed the spate of accidents on reckless driving.

The malfunctioning traffic lights were also as the cause of accidents in the area.

“If these traffic lights are not working, they are not repaired on time, a good example is the traffic lights in Pumula South, those traffic lights have been off for some time now, we are lucky because we haven’t had an accident so far, but these traffic lights make it hard for drivers to observe traffic rules,” said the resident.

The residents also called for a permanent solution to the problem with some calling for the construction of a roundabout or speed humps.

Cllr Rafamoyo said they might use part of the ward retention funds to implement some of the proposed ideas.

“I am going to forward all that you residents have said in this meeting, you have spoken about the issue of putting speed humps and a roundabout, we hope to use the retention funds towards fulfilling these projects so as to save lives,” said Cllr Rafamoyo.

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