NGO spreads Covid-19 awareness to Gwanda rural communities

By Paul Mzizi

The Self Help Foundation of Zimbabwe, a Gwanda based non-governmental organisation is currently helping to spread awareness on the dangers of Covid-19 to rural communities in this area, as the country grapples with the pandemic that has infected thousands of people nationwide.

The organisation’s Gwanda district co-ordinator, Emmanuel Noko, told CITE that the NGO is spreading awareness on the raging Coronavirus through a programme called Gendered Impact of Covid-19 on Rural Communities.

“We are doing community awareness on Covid-19 through radio shows with Radio Zimbabwe, Khulumani FM, YA FM and Diamond FM. For those stations that are not reachable, we share the recorded sessions as podcasts,” said Mr Noko.

“We also share information through educational material developed by artists such as Madlela Skhobokhobo. These are shared through social media platforms to members of the group, ward facilitators as well as through several digital marketing platforms,” he said.

Noko said information such as the origin of Covid-19, symptoms, WHO guidelines and lockdown regulations is given to rural communities through the programme. 

The organisation also spreads awareness on the use of herbal medicine to counter respiratory problems, cough mixtures, sewing of masks as well as how to make sanitizers.

He said the Self Help Foundation had managed through such programmes to demystify Covid-19 to rural dwellers.

The organisation was founded in 1963 by Mr Francis Waddelove. It works in the area of development, specifically fighting poverty through setting up savings clubs, entrepreneur and farming groups.

“Our message to rural communities is that Covid-19 is real but is not the end of the world. Let us comply with the health regulations and do our business as guided by the authorities and we will overcome,” said Noko.

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