NetOne launches online airtime distribution service

State owned mobile network operator, NetOne has unveiled a new online platform that allows individuals and vendors to sell and buy electronic airtime.

Addressing delegates during an appreciation ceremony held at a local hotel in Bulawayo, Friday, NetOne Zone Two commander Elmah Dube said the new service enables airtime dealers to buy and distribute airtime without physically visiting the offices.

Dube said the platform is in line with latest technological advancements.

“E-Top Up is an electronic airtime distribution service that allows our stakeholders to buy and distribute airtime virtually. The service can easily be accessed via USSD code *519#,” she said.

“In this Covid era, this limits your exposure to the disease, as there is no need for physical presence when you buy and distribute airtime. This brings about great convenience as airtime can now be moved 24/7 thus greatly reducing stock outs.”

Dube said this service is also being used by the business to prepare for the future as the world keeps evolving towards environmentally friendly business practices.

“NetOne fully intends to stand up and be counted in such endeavours. E-Top up is now the turnkey solution towards ensuring that we keep the environment clean by going paperless,” she said.

“We also ensured there are no charges when sending float (airtime) to other dealers or vendors or on vendor to vendor transfers. What is sent is what is received and sold. In any business the key is to improve the bottom line to ensure that the business remains a going concern.”

Dube noted that using the platform comes with a discount of 11% with a minimum order quantity valued at only ZWL 1,000 which makes it accessible to everyone.

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