‘Murdered’ Vic Falls man`s burial delayed by post-mortem

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

A 32-year-old Victoria Falls man who was allegedly murdered before his body was  dumped along the Victoria Falls- Bulawayo railway line three weeks ago, is yet to be buried as the family is still waiting for the post-mortem results. 

The lifeless body of Student Ndlovu of ward 19 under chief Mvuthu was discovered by a Beitbridge-Bulawayo Railway (BBR) crew on October 26.

The crew managed to stop the train at a distance upon noticing a lifeless body along the railway line.

His father Canaan Ndlovu said he believes his son was murdered.  

He said he had last seen his son three weeks prior to his death as he survived on selling medication to villagers in the Woodland area.

“He survived on selling pills like cafemols that he ordered in Zambia to villagers and the last time I saw him was when he left home to sell in Woodlands area,” his father narrated.

“He then came back home shortly a day before his death and l was not at home so we missed each other until the following day when people approached me and informed me that he was found dead on the railway line. 

“My heart is sore and this has taken a toll on us as a family and we have not found the strength to go to the scene where he was dumped, but according to pictures shown to me his head was crashed beyond recognition, one of his teeth was plucked off and also one of his eye lid had been pulled out in addition to severe bruises on the body and a fracture on his leg.”

His father said the post-mortem took long to be completed as they were continuously told that the institution did not have a qualified doctor to conduct the post-mortem.

“This is the third week since his body was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) and we were told that there was no specialist to check the cause of his death,” he said.

“The agony of waiting has been unbearable, but only yesterday we received a report that the specialist has been found so for now we are waiting for his results and his body for burial and investigations if police find it that he was murdered.”

The deceased left behind his three minor children, the youngest being two years old.

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