COVID-19: More returning citizens arrive in Vic Falls

By Nokuthaba Dlamini 

Matabeleland North COVID-19 quarantine centre, Mosi-Oa-Tunya High School has received eleven more returnees bringing the number of returnees housed at the facility to 60 people.

Fifty-five are adults and the other five are minor children, according to the Provincial Social Welfare officer Mcnon Chirinzepi.

Of the 60, 35 are males and 25 are females while one male is living with a disability.

The quarantine centre started receiving returnees from African countries such as Botswana, Zambia, Cameroon, South Africa and Namibia on April 16.

Chirinzepi added that the government has donated 100 blankets, toiletries, food and other necessities and is also providing psychosocial support through its health professionals. 

“The numbers are growing, but we have made sure that everything is catered for except monitoring the testing and screening,” he said. 

District Medical Officer Fungai Musinami said all the returnees are screened for COVID-19 before being allowed into the centre. 

“They only get tested when they complete their 21 days in the facility,” said Musinami.

“We don’t have any returnees who are presenting COVID-19 symptoms, but we have a number of them who have other health conditions that require a daily intake of medication and we have made sure that they continue taking their medication.”

Most of the returnees do not have identification documents and were doing menial jobs in their host countries.  

Chirinzepi said besides the assistance offered at the quarantine centre, the department is also giving out NetOne to the returnees so they can access the $200 once-off cushioning allowance being offered by the government.

The department of Social Welfare says the facility can only accommodate 100 people, while a new facility will be identified if more nationals arrive. 

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