Mthwakazi movement wants Kambarami axed from council

Embattled Bulawayo Deputy Mayor, Councillor Tinashe Kambarami’s woes are far from over as the 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (1893MRM) has reportedly approached the Bulawayo High Court seeking his termination from office.

The movement had prior to the court application demanded that Cllr Kambarami relinquish his post claiming he was unfit for office due to his criminal record.

1893MRM filed their case on November 16, under case number EC\7\18. They are represented by Moyo and Nyoni Legal practitioners.

Kambarami is cited as the first respondent while the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) is the second respondent while the MDC Alliance Bulawayo Province and the MDC Alliance are cited as the third and fourth respondents, respectively.

The organisation said it made a unanimous decision to deal with political parties and public officials who took citizens for granted when it came to public accountability, public safety and basic human rights violations.

“1893MRM wants to send a message to residents and citizens of Bulawayo as well as Zimbabwe in general that effectively and going forward the Movement has decided to reach out and protect the public in any matters of legal disregard, misconduct and negligence by public officials in the political arena as well as civil servants,” read their notice.

The movement said it wanted a public declaration from the local authority, the MDC Alliance party and its Bulawayo province that they had failed residents of Bulawayo by their negligence in appointing Kambarami.

“As for the charges against Bulawayo City Council, Bulawayo Province MDC Alliance and MDC Alliance, we would like a public declaration by the authorities of these institutions that they indeed failed the residents of Bulawayo in their vested capacity as servants of the people and that they have taken steps to make sure that the negligent and illegal processes followed in appointing and nominating Kambarami to the disputed public office have been realised, corrected and ceased by their authorities.

“In cases that warrant criminal charges we will work with law enforcement agents and the courts to pursue such charges while requesting witnesses and victims to come forward. We expect the current court case on the issue of the disgraced deputy mayor of Bulawayo Tinashe Kambarami to conclude with an annulment of  Kambarami both as a City Councillor as well as a Deputy Mayor of Zimbabwe’s second capital, Bulawayo,” said the party.

1893MRM vowed to continue challenging public institutions and public individuals in court if they disregarded due process of the law.

“We will continue to update the public, through media and other channels as well as their office in Bulawayo, on the progress of the pending court case as well as possible litigations we look forward to pursuing against other persons and institutions in the very short future. We would like to thank the public for your unwavered and overwhelming support as we move together to restore and protect Mthwakazi residents from illegal private and public dealings and operations by companies, political and non-political organisations, public officials as well as private individuals,” stated the movement.

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