MSD predicts rains

The Meteorological Service Department (MSD) has predicted thundershowers countrywide as from Wednesday with a probability of heavy downpours (storms) in some places.

This comes at a time when most parts of the country have been affected by high temperatures over the past weeks with no signs of rains.

Thundershowers are expected in areas namely Matabeleland North, Northern areas of Midlands, Harare, Bulawayo and Mashonaland Province.

In a weather report and forecast issued, Tuesday, MSD said warm conditions were expected as of today.

“Mostly cloudy and warm conditions are expected tomorrow (Wednesday) across the whole country with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms, however, heavy downpours remain probable in places,” said MSD.

The department, however, warned that rainfall distribution is not uniform as some areas will not receive meaningful rains while those that will receive, rains will be characterised by lightning and strong winds.

“Such sultry (hot and humid) weather is conducive to thundershowers that are violent at times, accompanied by lightning and strong winds.

“It is therefore important not to be caught in the open during a thunderstorm, avoid sheltering under a tree or in isolated sheds as these are prone to lightning strikes,” said MSD.

The department went on to advice people living in malaria prone areas to take necessary precautions following high temperatures which have been experienced in the country.

“High temperatures may lead to dehydration, exhaustion and mosquitoes proliferate during this season.

“Persons in Malaria prone areas should take necessary precautions, insecticides, spraying, applying mosquito repellents, sleeping under mosquito nets.

MSD also advised farmers to irrigate their crops especially those that are now suffering from plant stress.

“Irrigation is advisable especially in areas where plant stress is noticed,” said the department.

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