MRP: Recalls stifle progress, deny citizens essential services

The recalling of opposition legislators and councillors is a blatant attempt by the ruling party to stifle progress and deprive citizens of essential services, according to a member of the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP).

MRP Bulawayo Province chairperson, Nhlanhla Ncube, condemned the recent recalls orchestrated by Sengezo Tshabangu, asserting that these actions have diverted resources away from service delivery and exacerbated existing problems.

“The ruling party’s strategy is clear – destabilize and confuse not only the opposition but also the electorate,” Ncube stated. “Revoking the mandates of elected officials renders the previous election pointless. Voters invested their time and energy in choosing their representatives, only for their voices to be silenced.”

Ncube urged citizens to set aside partisan differences and recognize the detrimental impact of these recalls on Bulawayo’s development.

“This issue goes beyond party politics; it affects all Bulawayo residents who bear the brunt of neglected services. Our water is contaminated, our streets are riddled with potholes resembling craters, and our sewage systems are constantly malfunctioning. Yet, we have the resources and time to engage in pointless reruns that benefit no one. These elections were the seeds of progress, of change, albeit gradual. Why disrupt this momentum?”

Zanu PF has vehemently denied any involvement in the CCC’s internal conflicts, maintaining that the party is focused on national development.

Ncube further commented on the allure of politics in Zimbabwe, which has surpassed that of business ventures, driving individuals to extreme lengths for political gain.

“When a society thrives on such political machinations and mismanagement, this is the inevitable outcome. A functional economy cannot exist when politics becomes more lucrative than running a business. When politics overshadows entrepreneurship, what do we get? Manufactured poverty, a catastrophe, especially for our children,” he lamented.

“In light of our own internal squabbles, MRP has decided to refrain from fielding candidates under the party’s banner. Using the party name could lead to a recurrence of the Tshabangu fiasco, again plunging Bulawayo into chaos. However, we do not discourage our members from running as independents. We uphold the principles of freedom of association and affiliation, but we will not endorse such a circus,” Ncube concluded.

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