Byo Public Library appeals for donations for fire-damaged school

Bulawayo Public Library Braille Department is appealing for donations to assist Mtshabezi Primary School to repair a block that was gutted down by fire a fortnight ago.

The block which housed 11 learners living with a disability and they lost all their belongings to the fire.

The fire is suspected to have been caused by an electrical fault. 

 Speaking to CITE, Bulawayo Public Library Visually Impaired Department coordinator, Killion Dube said they are looking for any type of donations that might help in rehabilitating the school block.

“The school’s disability block was engulfed by a fire that destroyed property worth thousands of dollars which included clothing, stationery, bedding and food among other things,” said Dube. 

“The Bulawayo Public Library Braille Department is asking for any type of donations that you might have to help in this unfortunate disaster. The donations can either be in cash or in kind, whether be it 2kg of sugar or a blanket,” he said. 

He said all donations can be dropped off at the Public Library or contact Mr. K. Dube on 0773 677 736 or Ms. P. Mutasa on 0715 581 228. 

For those willing to send money, they can deposit it iAgribank Gwanda account number 019000007385 or use Ecocash details *151*2*3*51475. 

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