Mpilo doctors receive more donations

Mpilo Central Hospital doctors who lost their property after a fire destroyed their hostels in May, Friday, received more donations from various stakeholders in the city.  

IAM4BYO fighting Covid-19 team handed over the consignment which included household property, clothes and surgical equipment.

The fire incident, which was caused by an electrical fault, left 39 health workers homeless.

Donations handed over to the health workers included 33 Stethoscopes, 44 refrigerators, 44 electrical irons, 24 beds, 50 sets of scrubs and clothes. 

These donations came from Ladies of Zimbabwe in Canada, Simbisa Brands, Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe, Evangelic Funders of Zimbabwe and CAT among other stakeholders. 

Jana Ncube of IAM4BYO commended various stakeholders for coming together and assist the doctors.

“When our team learnt of the disaster that befell the doctors, we were so devastated. Health officials have been our major shareholders during this crisis and without your services, there could be a disaster,” said Ncube.

“Since the outbreak, we have been working closely with all of you, through your heads of department and the CEO Professor Solwayo in finding solutions to fighting this pandemic.”

Ncube commended CITE and WILD for their prompt reaction as they immediately started to mobilise resources for the affected doctors.

The doctors’ representative, Misheck Ruhende expressed gratitude for the support rendered by the various stakeholders. 

He said the love was so overwhelming that despite the economic challenges, people made great efforts to assist them. 

Bulawayo Acting Provincial Medical Director Dr Welcome Mlilo encouraged all the doctors to show gratitude for the support rendered to them by effectively serving the people and diligently executing their duties. 

Dr Mlilo highlighted that various sectors went out of their way to ensure that the affected doctors received all the assistance they needed.

“The Ministry even ensured that on the weekend when the fire broke out the registry offices were open to allow the doctors to replace their documents in order for them to discharge their duties freely. All these efforts are greatly appreciated,” said Dr Mlilo.

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