Minor (5) stabbed to death, throat slit in horror attack

By Judith Sibanda

A 19-year-old Lupane man who allegedly stabbed a 5-year-old minor several times on the stomach before slitting the victim’s throat has been arrested.

The man who is suspected to be suffering from a mental illness was apprehended near Lupane Centre yesterday and is being held at Lupane Police Station.

Lupane East legislator Mbongeni Dube, said the suspect only identified as Lucky from Chief Mabhikwa’s area is believed to have committed the gruesome act on Friday before fleeing the scene. 

“What l gathered from a close relative is that he travelled a distance of about seven kilometers from Makuni village to Gomoza ward in Mapanda village where he committed the murder,” Dube said. 

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the incident, but did not offer more details.

“I am out of office, so l cannot give you such information surrounding that matter.”

The police through their official Twitter page also confirmed the incident.

“The ZRP is concerned with murder cases occurring around the country. On 14/05/21, a Lupane man (19) fatally stabbed a minor (05) several times on the stomach before cutting the victim’s throat. The motive behind the commission of the offence is not known,” the police tweeted.

Dube added that the suspect had tried to commit suicide last year.

“Last year, we gather that he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself and luckily the rope broke as he was some height up,” he said.

“After the incident, he also threw himself in a well that was full of water and he was rescued the following day by members of the community and his family so his behavior was alarming and if the family had taken note of these signs, this catastrophic incident would not have happened.”

Dube called on community members and families to be on high alert when someone is acting in a strange behavior. 

“Someone with such a background should have been taken to a psychiatric institute for evaluation and assistance, and this is my call to our members that if they notice that one is acting in a strange way, they should swiftly move to help that person.”

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