Meet Your Candidate: CCC’S Josiah Makombe for Gweru Urban

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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring candidate for, Gweru Urban, Josiah Makombe has said if he makes it on August 23, his election into the National Assembly will be a developmental milestone for Gweru constituency.

The former Mayor, who is the current Ward 2 councillor said, his task towards saving the people was huge as he know the core needs of Gweru people.

“I successfully filed my nomination papers with the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC), and I did this for Gweru constituency and for Zimbabwe as I have much work to do in stirring change towards attaining a better Zimbabwe”.

“The Mps we were having in Gweru were not forthcoming in addressing much, as a councillor I have been in the chambers and have been working with other policymakers and people on a daily basis. So for me going to the National Assembly, I know that am expected to advocate for the formulation of polices and laws which transform the wellbeing of Gweru people,” said Makombe

He said his main target was amending the Urban Council’s act which he said was hindering development and the operations of local authorities.

“My main worry is the Urban Councils Act as a Policy, it limits the flexibility of councils including my own council Gweru in fully availing services to the people. Full autonomy is supposed to be given to the councillors to play their oversight role on policy.

“How do we expect the council to provide adequate water supply, when we have a bureaucratic channel of authority? If councillors pass a resolution they expect that resolution to be implemented, but before implementing managed is expected to brief the minister who has the final say. So as long council is run in such a manner don’t expect service delivery to improve since are resources are controlled by a higher power than the council itself,” said Makombe

Makombe said, as an aspiring candidate he was proud to have served Gweru residents as a councillor and is willing to make strides towards improving the Gweru Urban.

“As CCC we want to restore executive mayors in council for good service delivery, we want to improve Gweru and make it the hub of the nation in terms of business and economic growth. Gweru as our capital city will drive the growth of the industry and commerce.

“I am not superhuman, am a child you are sending to represent you, to lay you concerns, to speak your minds as my parents. Development is driven by you the Gweru people, let’s build our Gweru together, our Nation together,” Makombe added.

He said if elected, as MP he was going to push for developmental policies which call for equal resource distribution.

“We need a country were constituencies are developed by their own resources. Devolution must be practical not only theoretical. Midlands is rich in minerals, we want these minerals to address the welfare of midlands constituencies.

“We want policies which speak to adequate health services for ordinary citizens. People must not suffer at the hand of a handful of people who want to eat or benefit alone.” Said Makombe.

Makombe lamented the unevenness of the electoral playing field which he said was not conducive for all.

“The electoral field is not fair, people must cast their votes without intimidation. How can we say we have a fair field when political supporters of opposition parties are being harassed for freely attending rallies, what about voting?” he said.

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