Meet your candidate: CCC’s Allan Moyo charms uniformed forces

By Masvingo Media Centre

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring candidate for Ward 10 in Masvingo Urban local government elections, Allan Moyo, has pledged to tirelessly push for better policies in the chambers that will allow uniformed forces and civil servants to afford housing stands to build decent homes for their families.

Moyo pledged to push for pro-uniformed forces-service delivery policies that will see police officers and soldiers getting favourable conditions in acquiring land from the local authority which had become unaffordable to the security forces who are earning meagre salaries.

Speaking during a recent engagement meeting with residents in Ward 10, Moyo said uniformed forces have become a laughing stock due to poor remuneration with the majority being tenants for the rest of their lives because they cannot afford to buy expensive housing stands from the local authority.

“Housing is a service, it is, therefore, council duty to ensure that land is available to all those who need it. Government workers are a priority since the government hasn’t been paying too well.  Civil servants are earning salaries in local currency, they also have to pay for council land in local currency at favourable rates. I will see to it that members of the civil service including the uniformed forces have equal access to council land,” said Moyo.

Moyo also weighed in on the issue of skyrocketing bills which residents have been charged in recent months due to high rate of inflation currently affecting local currency.

“Council bills must be pegged at rates amenable to the lowest paid civil servant to ensure equal access to council services. The economy is bedridden and it is important for council to explore external revenue sources and maximize on its commercial enterprises to increase the local purse. Residents do not have to bear the brunt of economic turmoil alone,” added Moyo.

He further pledged to push for an “Income Sensitive Billing” policy to reduce effects of hyperinflation and currency erosion.

The youthful aspiring councillor is a development consultant and a human rights defender who was also a student leader with Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU).

He has also stood for social justice working with Poverty Liberation Movement (PLM) whose main drive is to eradicate poverty in all its forms in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is going to the polls on August 23, 2023, and this election has seen vibrant and youthful candidates bringing new radical ideas to the political matrix.

Moyo will battle it out with incumbent councillor, Sengerayi Manyanga of Zanu PF who is eyeing a return to the Town House.

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