Maths teacher appeals for financial assistance to undergo surgery

A Mathematics teacher from Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo, Ntandoyenkosi Maphosa, is appealing for financial assistance to enable her to undergo spinal fusion surgery.

Maphosa, a popular Mathematics tutor at Emganwini High School now suffers from degenerative disc disease.

Degenerative disc disease refers to symptoms of back or neck pain caused by wear-and-tear on a spinal disc.

Maphosa told CITE that the pain started in 2012 and she went under the knife in 2013.  

“A torn disc L5/S1 was removed in 2013 through a laminectomy. Chronic lower back pain and post-traumatic arthritis followed thereafter. Right now, I am in agony with right leg pain starting from the pelvic area to the toes as well as severe backache,” she said.

Maphosa needs over US$10 000 to undergo spinal fusion surgery locally while in India the surgery will cost over US$12 000 including travel expenses.

“This means that I can hardly walk or stand. Doctors have confirmed that I require to have my back re-opened, disc fibrosis removed and disc space fused leaving the nerve root free,” she added.

“To get the treatment I need about US$10000-10500 locally. In India it cost between US$12500 and 13000 including travel expenses. I am still trying to get another quotation from South Africa”.

Maphosa said her condition has affected her as she can no longer work adding that, “I can hardly afford medication to suppress the pain of which my body is no longer responding.”

“My family is doing all they can to raise the funds but it is beyond their reach as my condition needs emergency attention,” she said.

“I have been using a lumbar cosset belt and one crutch but I no longer have power for crutches. A walker is so difficult for me as I balance with one leg, even standing is painful as I can’t stand upright and carry my body, I now bend, a wheelchair is, however, better,” said Maphosa.

Those willing to assist her can get in touch with her on 0715 177 734 or 0773 494 523, donations can also be sent to her Ecocash account 0773 494 523, or OneMoney account 0715 177 734 or on her Ecobank Account 5734400003996.

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