Man sodomises neighbour’s son

A 30-year-old man from Esigodini allegedly sodomised his neighbour’s 12-year-old-son and promised to give him money to buy his silence, a court heard.

Jasper Magonya of Habana Extension went to the juvenile’s home around 9 pm and asked him to escort him to his house.

The court heard that the minor then took with him his 10-year-old sister and while on the way, Magonya promised to give him some money.

The state alleges that when they arrived at his home, Magonya then sent back the minor’s sister to collect a lunch box at their home.

He later sexually assaulted the juvenile.

Magonya is facing a charge of aggravated sexual assault and he appeared before magistrate Abednico Ndebele.

Magistrate Ndebele remanded him in custody to October 11, 2021.

For the State, Vusumuzi Moyo narrated to the court that the incident occurred on September 24 and was subsequently reported to the police leading to Magonya’s arrest.

“On September 24 at around 9 PM Magonya proceeded to the minors house and asked him to escort him to his house and he agreed. The minor went with his young sister aged 10 and on the way, the Magonya promised to give the minor some money,” said Moyo.

“Upon arrival at his home, Magonya asked victim’s sister to go back home and collect a lunch box and she complied. Magonya entered his bedroom and he locked the security gate. Minor sat on the blankets and suddenly Magonya forcibly removed his shorts and made him lie facing upwards and mounted on top of him.”

The State further alleged that Magonya inserted his penis twice into the minor’s anus but the minor resisted due to the pain and he (Magonya) ejaculated on the minors t-shirt.

The matter came to light when the minor’s sister returned to Magonya’s home and heard her brother crying.

She ran back home and told her uncle who interviewed the minor and he narrated his ordeal leading to Magonya’s arrest.

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