Man shot dead in tiff over snooker token

Police in Filabusi are looking for a suspect who allegedly fatally shot a man while they were playing snooker at a local nightclub on Christmas day. 

A fight between the two men erupted following an argument over a missing snooker token. 

The police confirmed the incident through their social media platform on Twitter.

“The ZRP is investigating a murder case in which a 21-year-old man was shot dead by an unknown suspect in Filabusi on 25/12/23 at around 0130 hours. The suspect and the victim, who were playing snooker at a certain night club, had an argument after the victim noted that his token was missing,” the police noted.

“The suspect went to his vehicle, a Toyota Fun Cargo, which was parked outside and came back with an unidentified pistol. He shot the victim once on the head and drove off.”

The incident comes shortly after the police had noted that most murder cases that are recorded usually occur at public drinking spots, where people will be drunk and get involved in fighting over petty issues.

Acting Bulawayo Provincial Spokesperson, Assistant Nomalanga Msebele, recently noted, while addressing a press conference, that most of the murder cases that are recorded occur at public drinking spots. 

She said the police are doing their best to ensure that beer spots operate within their stipulated time limits and also urged people running these establishments to search their patrons for any dangerous weapons.

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