Man found stabbed to death in alley

A Bulawayo man was Saturday, found dead on a rubbish dump at an alley in the city centre with numerous stab wounds all over his body in a suspected robbery case.

The body was found at an alley between Lobengula Street and Basch Street along Third Avenue.  

Eyewitnesses who spoke to CITE said the man was attacked on Friday evening by unknown people and they tried to call the police for assistance to no avail.

A vendor who operates from the Third Avenue bus terminus said they negotiated with at least four police officers to assist him but none of them cooperated

“I first saw him around 7 pm. He was kneeling by the pavement at the corner of the alley. At first I thought he was drunk. I then told the boys who accompany me when it’s late to go and wake him up otherwise he would get mugged,” she said.

“They went to him and a few minutes later they came back saying he is covered in blood. Three police officers of the cycle patrol unit passed by and we alerted them. They said they would call an ambulance to come and attend to him. We waited for a while then but the ambulance never came.

The vendor said they ended up leaving because they feared they would not get transport to go home since it was getting late.

“Just as we left we met another police officer and pointed him in the direction of the wounded man but he said he had knocked off already. I was saddened this morning when I arrived for work and heard that he had died during the night.”

Another witness, Whisper Mubaiwa, a friend to the deceased said he was called in the morning to identify the body.

He said after identifying the body he accompanied police officers to the deceased’s home in Richmond to inform his family.

The police could not immediately comment on the incident as they said they were still gathering facts.

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