Man appeals for financial assistance for cancer-stricken granny

A Zimbabwean man based in South Africa is appealing for financial assistance to help his 95-year-old grandmother undergo surgery for a cancerous lump on the back of her head.

Hloyiwe Sibanda from Gotshane village in Tsholotsho has been battling cancer for over three years now.

Speaking to CITE from his base in South Africa Liberate Tshuma said he is now struggling to assist his grandmother after losing his job due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

“My grandmother is suffering from cancer which is on the back of her head. It started as a small pimple and my grandmother said she was pricked by grass. We tried all we could to help her but failed and cancer grows bigger by year,” said Tshuma.

“I was the breadwinner and assisted her with medication to suppress the pains but due to the Covid-19 I lost my job and can no longer afford to assist her anymore.”

Tshuma said it pains him that he can no longer afford to assist his grandmother.

“I am now unemployed. My grandmother is staying with my father who at times leaves her unattended as he will be trying to make ends meet as a man as our economy is really bad,” he said.

“I am appealing for financial assistance so that my grandmother would be able to seek medical attention as most of our hospitals need money but I cannot afford to get my grandmother treated.”

He said the assistance will also go a long way with even assisting his grandmother get food.

Those willing to assist Hloyiwe Sibanda can get in touch with Tshuma on +27740000027.

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