Mabhena fundraises for new wheelchair

Singer, songwriter and motivational speaker Prudence Mabhena has launched a crowdfunding initiative to raise about £8 500 to purchase an electric wheelchair.  

Mabhena who starred in an Oscar winning documentary, was born with Arthrogryposis which left her disabled.

In an interview with CITE, Mabhena revealed that she started the crowdfunding campaign last month (July) after her electric wheelchair broke down.

“I got an electric wheelchair in 2011, it has been 9years now since I was using that wheelchair.

“With so many years of using the wheelchair, it then started giving me problems as it could record some errors which I couldn’t understand, It went on to cut until it totally stopped functioning,” she said.

“Getting an electric wheel chair was a change in my life because I could now manage to do everything on my own. An ordinary wheel chair makes me feel tired when I seat for long hours, I can’t even lay forward on my own or even move more on my own.

“The electric wheel chair which I had could tilt, recline and even elevate hence it took away some pressure from my back and even the lower part of my body.”

Mabhena said an electric wheelchair makes it possible for her to do house chores such as cooking and cleaning.

Mabhena said there were so many things that the electric wheelchair allowed her to do.

“There were so many things that I could do with that electric wheelchair than a normal wheelchair, I could even go to town on my own as I didn’t need assistance or a car, I could just drive myself anywhere and everywhere.

“I could start socialising with friends and other people hence I did not need someone to take me to those places as I could push myself,” She said.

The wheelchair she intends to purchase costs R150 000 or equivalent of £8 500 and she has so far raised R25 000.

Those who want to donate towards can send their contribution via Ecocash on 0773 144 050 or deposit their contribution on her Steward bank account number 1032301599.

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