Luveve residents petition councillor over water crisis

Residents in Bulawayo`s Luveve suburb have petitioned their council representative Councillor Febbie Msipa demanding immediate action and solution to water challenges faced by residents citing that some houses no longer receive water even when supplies are restored.

Bulawayo is currently facing acute water challenges, with residents receiving water once a week following the depreciation of water levels city supply dams.

At least 13 people died while thousands of residents by a diarrhoea outbreak in the suburb.

Delivering the petition that was signed by 1 374 residents yesterday, residents said the council should assure residents that the outbreak will not happen again.

“Whilst appreciating the current situation of water challenges facing the city, we feel the local authority is not doing enough to avoid the repeat of a Diarrhoea related crisis that claimed more than twenty lives in our Ward and thus we demand that Council should provide a water bowser on regular basis to areas that are not getting water; as a result of what we believe is a closed valve that controls supplies to certain blocks,” said the residents.

 The residents said the local authority should send its engineers to investigate why some houses no longer receive water.

“Council should send its engineers to the ground and investigate why water does not reach some houses within the ward, yet it’s the same connection that we are using for water supply. Specifically, house number 347 to 381 and house number 700 to 779 New Luveve among other areas,” they said.

“We also call on Council to repair and refurbish local boreholes as a way of giving residents alternative sources of water”.

Residents added that, “We are also wondering how the council is charging residents for water consumption since it hasn’t been meter reading for a long time though bills are coming, as residents we demand value for money”.

Contacted for a comment, Councillor Msipa confirmed that she had received the petition and explained why some houses were no longer receiving water.

“The engineers together with the Town Clerk explained that the water situation is critical, and cannot reach the high lying areas in Bulawayo as a whole,” said Cllr Msipa.

“Even at times when ZESA switches off power, as you know we are being aided by pumping water from Nyamandlovu boreholes, this is another cause for water to not reach some houses, plus there is no water in the City of Bulawayo the situation is dire so there is no pressure,  I urge those residents who receive water to assist those who do not receive water at all.”

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