Luveve residents apprehend copper cable thieves

Police in Bulawayo have applauded Luveve residents for apprehending two suspected copper cable thieves who were about to get away with 2000 meters of copper cables worth US$2 200 in the early hours of Thursday.

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson, Chief Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident to CITE saying one of the suspects was on the police wanted person list for copper cables theft.

“They were two suspects. One of them ran away. Among the two, one of them was on the wanted person list for copper cables theft,” said Chief Inspector Simango.

“The incident happened around 1 am on Thursday morning. There is a police officer who stays in the area who heard strange sounds and realised that power was off and he went outside and mobilised other people who stay around the house to ambush the two.

“They managed to recover 2 000 metres of copper cables weighing approximately 120 kg and valued at US$2 200.”

Chief Insp Simango urged residents to be vigilant and alert to avoid similar cases.

“We want to applaud residents of Luveve and advice other residents to be vigilant and alert outside the load shedding schedule,” she said.

Meanwhile, speaking during a Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BUPRA) community meeting held in Luveve, Thursday, ZESA foreman for Luveve and surrounding areas, Caleb Joboringo said residents have to stay alert at night.

“I advise residents to stay alert at night and to approach these thieves in groups so that they are not injured, sometimes these guys are armed so anything can happen,” said Joboringo.

He said copper thieves risk injuring residents.

“People can actually be injured and sometimes when these people disrupt power, the appliances get burnt as voltage becomes high or low.

“Sometimes they leave conductors hanging dangerously which is also a risk to the public. Vandals target load shedding period of which they are also at risk because when we energise we don’t inform anyone, we just energise anytime thus why you see some of them being electrocuted,” said Joboringo.

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