LSU students protest fees policy excluding them from exams

Lupane State University (LSU) students held a mini protest at the main campus on Monday after several students failed to sit for their examination due to non-payment of fees.

Sources who spoke to CITE revealed that students were required to be fully paid to sit for their exams.

“Yesterday there were exams from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm, so soon after the afternoon exam, students started protesting because most students did not sit for their exams in the morning and in the afternoon because the school had put out a notice that if you did not pay 100 percent fees, you won’t be able to seat for the exam,” said the sources.

They said most students had not paid the full fees, hence it was difficult for them to sit for their examination.

“The security was there to check if students had clearance letters, whether they paid fees, or check their school ID. Then proceed to the exam room.”

Another source said the protest resumed in the afternoon as most students did not write their exams. “We decided to march to the school premises in protest of what happened.”

They said that after engaging with the varsity authorities at the main campus, a message was circulated that students could make payment plans.

“But some students could not sit for their exams again this morning.”

When contacted for a comment, LSU Acting Director of Director of Marketing and Public Relations Densen Kulube declined to comment on the matter.

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